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Exhibition Date: 06/07/2019 - 13/07/2019

Artifex Gallery in the Mitchell Centre, are delighted to be holding their first

mixed media exhibition produced

by some very creative and talented students from

The Streetly Academy, On Saturday 6th to 18th July 2019


The SEND Department at The Streetly Academy pride themselves on inclusion and have linked up with a local Art gallery Artifex, to provide their budding young artists an opportunity to create & exhibit a body of artwork for this exciting upcoming exhibition.


The Exhibition is entitled ‘ME’ and embraces how emotions and feelings can penetrate every aspect of our lives, especially in young people’s society today.


Art is a wonderful form of stress relief and can help young people communicate and mindfully express themselves both consciously and subconsciously as it can increases self awareness, improve self-esteem, build confidence and remedy trauma. As an outlet it stirs ones imagination, expands vision and gives a sense of accomplishment, regardless of academic ability, all of which encompass the Streetly Academy’s ethos of inclusivity and achievement for all.


The objective of ‘ME ‘ is about the students being able to tell their individual stories and share their personal journeys through expressive art, emotional literacy and creativity. These bespoke pieces will consist of abstracted forms of communication, tapping into elements of the subconscious that perhaps are not yet ready to be verbalized or surfaced. Each individual story will be carefully told through the use of colours and their association to emotions, with the more literal communication being presented through the use of positive and negative affirmations.