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Trees For All Seasons


Exhibition Date: 04/10/2020 - 30/10/2020


Trees are never far from my decision to paint. Their immovable force is ever present.


The inspiration comes from regular encounters since childhood, in Corrèze, in the Pyrenees, in Corsica and now a long appreciation of the richness of Sutton Park. A study of the art of Japan has given me an understanding of light and space in nature.


I paint in watercolour and in Indian and acrylic inks. Watercolour is more fluid, unaccountable, and needs to be read as it is applied wet on wet, while the inks provide a strong and reliable structure.


In these paintings the trees can be strong, mature, facing the elements while others are sinewy, willowy almost. Some are dark, at the end of their life span; others demonstrate the return of life, in sharp green colours. Light and water are also necessary counterparts as more composed landscapes are offered to the viewer.