Commissioning Jewellery:

Do you have some jewellery, perhaps an inheritance, which you never wear? You may love the stones but perhaps the design is dated.

Artifex have collaborated with a talented jewellery designer/maker. Together, we can transform your old gold or silver jewellery into a more contemporary design that you can wear and enjoy. If the piece is an inheritance, re-using any stones and retaining the precious metal helps to keep fond memories alive.

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How do I decide on a new design?

You may have some ideas in mind and are able to give us a sketch of what you would like, or if you prefer, you can discuss your ideas with us. For example, what kind of precious metal, stones, size and finish. Another good option is to go to Google Images and enter for instance, ‘contemporary diamond rings’ to give you inspiration, print out the designs that you like and bring them in. This is often a good starting point.

Once we have a clear idea of what you would like, you will receive a drawing and a quote, which includes the cost of Hallmarking. There is no obligation to proceed up to this point.

For an optional fee of £60 (free if you proceed with your order) we can create a 3D wax model of your proposed piece for you to try on and approve, before making a final decision.

You will also receive a professional valuation certificate that reflects the value of you new piece for insurance purposes.

Any excess gold or silver will be returned to you.

Please speak to a member of staff for more information.

Commissioning Furniture:

Commissioning can mean the creation of a family heirloom, a truly unique gift for someone special, or simply a piece of art especially for ones’ own home.

Artifex provides a commissioning service that allows you to task some of the finest craftspersons in the UK to create a piece/pieces unique to your requirements. See below for information on the commissioning process:

How do I choose a designer?

Artifex houses an exclusive range of craft-portfolios from many leading British contemporary designers. Browse through these to familiarize yourself with their differing styles and technical skills. You may prefer to set up an appointment with gallery owners Nigel or Ross.

How do I commission a piece?

The process itself can be exciting and enjoyable, often involving an exchange of ideas. It provides you with a valuable insight into the craft process. Once you have decided upon your preferred artist, we will enter a consultative process through which your desired design can be tailored to your exact requirements.

When do we talk about money?

Your budget is an important factor in the design process. The early stages of a commission normally involve no expense, and you will be under no obligation whatsoever until, following a detailed specification and firm quote, you decide to proceed. You will then be asked for a deposit.

How long will it take?

This will depend on the chosen maker, the intricacy of the design, and the availability of materials. As a rough guide, furniture commissions may take 8-12 weeks, while jewellery commissions may only take a few weeks. Your final quote will include a specific delivery date.