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Blandine Anderson

Blandine Anderson is a Devon based ceramicist, whose work in recent years has become a fusion of her background in Fine Art and the craft of ceramics. Few of her works are functional in the conventional sense, even those which evolve into dishes, platters or hollow forms have their origins in the sculptural appeal of a curled leaf or a crashing wave. Her most recent work shows a greater emphasis on the portrait of animals. They exist as single characters or in groups that form complex compositions: through these she creates humour, movement and storyline (although exactly what is about to happen is for the viewer to decide). Often, elements of the secret, sinister or grotesque are revealed. Some works are illustrative in nature following Blandine’s interest in English tales and fables; however the storyline never becomes more important than the sculptural content. All works are hand built in porcelain or stoneware clays. The work is developed further with slips and oxides then finished with enamel colours.