The merchant barque Crown and Paddle Steamers off Folkestone



Size: 112 x 79 cm

  • Born in Whitby, from the age of 10 George Chambers started working as a cabin boy and was later apprenticed to the master of a brig trading in the Mediterranean
  • He proved to have an exceptional innate talent for art and so impressed local captains with his decoration of their ships that the owner released him from his apprenticeship so he could devote himself full time to painting.
  • In 1825 Chambers worked his way on a trading vessel to London where he was greatly helped by Christopher Crawford, Landlord at the Waterman’s Arms Inn in Wapping.
  • His work, hanging in the gentleman’s parlour of the inn proved popular with nautical clientele. Soon he became recognised for commissions, by Merchant/Navy Captains and Admirals including Admiral Lord Mark Kerr who introduced him to —-
  • King William IV and Queen Adelaide who bought a number of his paintings to add to the Royal Collection
  • This help established him as leading marine artist and he was soon exhibiting at the RA, British Institution and RSBA as well as many London commercial art galleries
  • 3 of his paintings are in the National Maritime Museum
  • He would have become more famous but for an untimely death in his mid 30’s in Brighton.
  • This painting is in Fabulous restored condition for a 200 years old painting that with a 1826 date (on the barrel) was probably one of his first important commissions

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